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Journal of Pharmaceutical Research


Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Year: 2021, Volume: 20, Issue: 4, Pages: i-i


From Chairman’s Desk


Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Research

The Effects of Covid-19 pandemic on socioeconomic and geopolitical sphere has already changed world order. Realignment of research priorities is inevitable. Increased burden of diseases and crisis of drug products dominate the global scenario. The world is in dire need of affordable medicines for which generic products are the lone option. India has consolidated its position as Pharmacy of the World. Track record of Indian Pharma giants as preferred global supplier of world-class generic medicines put it in an advantageous position for expansion of facilities and dominance as market leader. However, India’s dependence on imported APIs and intermediates for production of bulk drug and pharmaceutical additives deserves special attention on priority basis.

Indian industries as well as Government are actively revisiting the issues and realigning their priorities to become self-reliant for each and every key starting material, intermediates and bulk drugs.  Laudable Schemes have been launched to support industrial growth and expansion. Fast track approval processes and immediate environmental clearances are steps forward in this direction. Make in India policy, Start Up initiative and self reliant mantra are being seriously pursued to step up technology development, technology transfer and commissioning of plants for production of the entire cascade of chemicals and pharmaceuticals that are imported.

In a planned manner and on priority basis entrepreneurs are also identifying the product, market size and collaboration/cooperation viabilities with academic/research laboratories for developing affordable and sustainable knowhow to boost large scale production, analysis and testing of the materials of world class standard. The inspirational quote “Necessity is the mother of invention” of Plato’s fame is very apt in the post pandemic situation. In fact India is in dire need of acquiring technology to fill the gap between import dependent and self reliant India.


John Adams, The second president of the US had said "Every problem is an opportunity in disguise." This is what India needs to exploit seriously with dedicated involvement and reorientation of academic research facility utilization. Research for the sake of research hardly acquires any commercial value or social significance. In order to tune academia to the realm of industrial needs, close coordination and policy shake-up is required. Academic research policy must be popularised to, and regularly updated in consonance with projected requirements of industry for better utilization and optimized productive outcomes. Think tanks on academic research directives must visualize opportunities to revamp strategy, reinvent technology, scale-up capacity, and identify thrust areas for promoting facility expansion and production of world-class medicines for a growing global market.


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