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Journal of Pharmaceutical Research


The Effect of Enicostemma littorale Blume on Adrenaline-Induced Hypertensive Rats
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Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Year: 2017, Volume: 16, Issue: 3, Pages: 224-228

Original Article

The Effect of Enicostemma littorale Blume on Adrenaline-Induced Hypertensive Rats


Aim: The primary objective of the study was to investigate the possible effects of 70% Ethanolic extract of Enicostemma littorale Blume on adrenaline induced hypertensive rats. The hypertension was induced by Adrenaline at dose of 0.5 mg/kg i.p for 5 consecutive days.Materials and Methods: The test doses of 250, 333.33 and 500mg of 70% Ethanolic extract of Enicostemma littorale (EEEL) and 10mg Propanolol were given orally and Intraperitonially respectively for 7 days. The various biochemical parameters like blood glucose, serum triglyceride, cholesterol, serum creatine phosphokinase, lactate dehydrogenase were measured.Results: The extract administered groups had shown significantly lowered in LDH, CPK and pulse rate comparing to the normal groups. The biochemical parameters were lowered and significantly different (P*0.01), when compared with the disease control.Conclusion: It can be concluded that 70% EEEL imparted a protective action against adrenaline induced hypertension in rats.


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